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Welcome to Aikido Azabu Dojo.



Hello! Welcome to Azabu Dojo.


Aikido Azabu Dojo is an official Aikikai Dojo.



We are a conveniently located, authentic Aikido dojo led by a female grand master.

Since opening in 1977, Azabu Dojo has over 40 years' history in imparting the wisdom and secrets of Aikido in a friendly environment.  Stepping into the dojo is an entry into another world, separate from the lively Azabu Juban just steps away.  Grand Master Masako Kawasaki, one of the few female 7th dan grand masters, will lead you in training.



Aikido will ease stress while training mind & body.

Aikido is a unique martial art whose objective lies not in the opponent's defeat, but a in mutual improvement through consideration.   Rather than brute force, techniques focus on circular, flowing movements performed with graceful agility.  These are punctuated at times by sharp counter maneuvers. By continuing this training, you will cultivate spiritual enrichment, physical reflexes, and a healthy mind for everyday life.




Aikido is for everybody:  full body exercise for health & beauty.

In our dojo, everybody joins the same training. Regardless of age or gender,  we practice the same movements together. Through repeated training, you will experience continuous growth. Regardless of whether you are a woman looking for a beautiful way to exercise, or a middle-age individual seeking improved fitness, anybody can start today!

川崎雅子道場長 合気道七段

道場長 川崎雅子
合気道本部道場認定 合気道七段
式正織部流 武家茶 師範

Masako Kawasaki, Grand Master
Aikido 7th dan title, certifi
ed by Aikido Honbu Dojo.
Grand Master in tea ceremony, certified by Shikisei Oribe Ryu



Following Aikido from Master Kosaku Takano

I trained under Master Kosaku Takano, the founder of Azabu Dojo, since long before the opening of Azabu Dojo. Master Takano always sought novelty and innovation. This dojo has been inspired by his ideal “from the old castle to the universe.” He used to say “Aikido is to use the gap, instantly fend off, enter blind angles, with circling motions, hold joints or throw. Without losing concentration, relax your body. Do not clash, do not knock down, do not hurt, do not hit, do not kick and do not go against. Aikido is the art of harmony, taking control of your counterpart without fighting.” I will carry on this ideal for Aikido.



Building a bond among people and imparting a heart of “Zen”

In our dojo, we treasure seasonal events which are fading away in modern Japan, such as rice cake cutting in the New Year, bean throwing in February, summer camp on the beach and a public demonstration called “Enbu” in October. In this dojo, you can train in both Aikido as “active Zen” and the tea ceremony as “calm Zen.” Let’s follow this path together!


稽古について / Lessons


一般 / General Lesson



Group training is on a fixed schedule. Please select convenient slots to attend from the table below.
number of training sessions per week or month.

少年部 / Children's Lesson


Learn courtesy, cultivate "Ki" internal power, and practice principle of AIKIDO movements.


曜日・時間 / Date and time


※ 諸事情により稽古時間は変更になる場合があります。



・Dojo is closed on Monday and bank holidays.

* In some cases, training time slots may change.
   You can check the latest information on Google calendar below.

・Each practice is led by an instructor from Azabu Dojo.

個人稽古 / Personal Lesson


Special training upon request. Please consult the master.

昇級・昇段審査 / Exam schedule


* Examinations for kyu promotion and dan promotion are conducted according to the examination guidelines of the Aikikai Honbu Dojo.

年中行事 / Seasonal events

入会のご案内 / Become a member.



現在、一般の平日の稽古参加者は1回に 6 ~ 10名程です。






Dojo is always open for new members.

Currently, general lessons average 4 to 10 participants per session.
Main training in Aikido is “Kata (form)” training, not a match or fight.
We start with warm-ups and stretching, followed by “Kata” training.


“Kata” training is done in pairs. First, the master shows the form as an example, then the participants copy the movement and repeat. Each pair takes turns and partners are changed with each kata.  We do the same training for everybody, from beginner to black-belt, male or female, youth or elder. There is no "win" or "lose" in Aikido.  Isn’t that interesting? 


If you are not comfortable with conversing in Japanese, do not worry. Your fellow participants are happy to help you and there are many English speakers in the dojo.  


入会金・会費(月額)/ Registration fee / Monthly fee



・Student fees apply for junior high to college students. Training is held together with adults.

・Youth division is from 6 years old through elementary school students.
・Please ask for details if interested in personal lessons.

入会手続 / How to join




・Please visit us and full fill the relevant registration forms together with the payment for the registration fee and the first monthly fee.
・Bank transfer payment is required for the following monthly fee.

・You can purchase the training uniform at the Dojo.

その他 / Others

・ 1ヵ月以上稽古を休む方は、事前に道場にご連絡ください。
・ 毎年3月に一年間有効のスポーツ保険の案内をしています。

・Please let us know in advance when you are not able to come to the practice more than 1 month.

・Sports insurance (1 year duration)  is available and is introduced every March.

合気道 麻布道場

〒106-0046 東京都港区元麻布 1-5-10 パシフィック麻布102


Pacific Azabu 102, 1-5-10 Moto-Azabu, Minatoku, Tokyo 106-0046 Japan
Tel: 03-3449-6456 (Please call right before or after the training)

Email : (Please contact by email if you do not speak Japanese at all)




・5 minute walk from1st exit of Tokyo Metro Azabu-Juban station, Nanboku-line
・7 minute walk from 7th exit of Toei Metro Azabu-J
uban station, Oedo-line


Please come visit to see our training.
Every session is open to visitors.

※ 安全の理由により体験稽古はできません。 

*For safety reasons, there are no trial lessons. 

稽古風景 / Gallery


お問合せ / Contact Us

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